Can Personal Debt Impact Your Business?

As a business owner, you might have personal debt separate from your business operations. For example, you could have secured debt like a mortgage, car loan or a home equity line of credit, and you might have unsecured debt such as a credit card, a personal loan, unpaid bills, outstanding tax, or court-order judgments like [...]

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Major Turnaround Case Study

Major Turnaround Case Study How do you come to a liquidator’s den assuming the worst, thinking it’s all over and 6 months later be in control of that same business with more promise and better financial foundations than you had ever experienced previously? Yea…it sounds fanciful but that’s the position for one client who was [...]

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Tackle financial problems before it’s too late

  What a business owner can do if their business is struggling? Referring from an article from Grant Field for Smart Company Summarising this article, it is often easier to look back after a business has failed and identify why, than it is to save a business from failing in the first place.  Business founders usually have not [...]

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Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) boost

PPSR and PMSI combined for better creditors protection (from Gregor Heard for Fairfax Agricultural Media) A proponent of the personal property security register (PPSR) and purchase money security interests (PMSIs) as means of managing counter party risk in the grains industry has defended the products from claims they are not worth the effort. Chris Heinjus, director with [...]

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Sydney’s Accidental Millionaire

Extravagant Swag bought by accidental Millionaire Student Sydney’s Accidental Millionaire: Court documents have revealed the truly staggering amount of swag that 21-year-old Sydney student Christine Jia Xin Lee bought. Westpac goofed up and mistakenly transferred $4.6 million to her overdraft account. Lee, a chemical engineering student, became aware of the glitch in July 2014. She could have [...]

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Late payment dispute is ruining my health and crucifying cash flow

What happens to a small business owner when a big client refuses to pay their bills? Here, one describes the anxiety it’s causing during her pregnancy. I’m the owner of a small digital marketing agency that has been trading for almost two years. My business ran into extreme difficulties earlier this year because of a [...]

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