Small Business Revival and Survival During Corona

Here are 8 ideas for small business to revive and survive in Corona times. 1. How the government has reacted to support businesses through COVID-19 All levels of government have acted swiftly to support businesses through COVIF-19. The Federal Government through their two stimulus packages have provided the following relief for businesses: Increasing the asset [...]

5 Warning Signs Your Business is in Too Much Debt

Even highly profitable businesses can have debt on their books, and this can support operations and growth as long as it’s kept to a manageable level. Unlike equity financing, debt lets you maintain full ownership and control, and it can give businesses a tax benefit - as both principal and interest can sometimes be deducted [...]

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Can Personal Debt Impact Your Business?

As a business owner, you might have personal debt separate from your business operations. For example, you could have secured debt like a mortgage, car loan or a home equity line of credit, and you might have unsecured debt such as a credit card, a personal loan, unpaid bills, outstanding tax, or court-order judgments like [...]

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10 Warning Signs that Your Business is in Financial Trouble

Running a business can be an exciting way to pursue your vision, but it’s also one of the hardest vocations, with a high rate of failure over time. Whether you’re a business owner, company director or financial manager, you might be directly responsible for keeping your business out of financial trouble. So, what are the [...]

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8 Ways that You Can Prepare Your Business for Financial Uncertainty

Even though you would obviously love absolute control of everything as a business owner, uncertainty is unfortunately a fact of life. Operating a business – where you’re moving at a fast pace in a competitive, ever-changing environment – can mean even more uncertainty, especially financial uncertainty. So, what exactly is financial uncertainty and why is [...]

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Music-Streaming Company Debt Restructuring

Creditors have waived through debt restructuring deals for two of music-streaming service Guvera’s subsidiaries. A hit for taxpayers even as the Gold Coast-based parent awaits a research and development grant. Guvera placed subsidiaries Guvera Australia and Guv Services into administration in June. The company is owing almost $18 million to creditors including Tennis Australia, the Victoria Racing [...]

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