Sydney’s Accidental Millionaire

Sydney’s Accidental Millionaire

Extravagant Swag bought by accidental Millionaire Student

Sydney’s Accidental Millionaire: Court documents have revealed the truly staggering amount of swag that 21-year-old Sydney student Christine Jia Xin Lee bought. Westpac goofed up and mistakenly transferred $4.6 million to her overdraft account.

Lee, a chemical engineering student, became aware of the glitch in July 2014. She could have chosen to report it on the spot, but decided to go a different way. And over the next year, she spent pretty much all of it!

A bankruptcy court filing has revealed the goods that Lee purchased on her outrageous (and if we’re honest, slightly envy-inducing) shopping spree, the heights of which saw her drop a cool $310,000 in a single damn day.

Shopping Frenzy

At first, Lee allegedly used a PayPal account to buy items online, including Christian Louboutin boots, Chanel cashmere pillows, smartphones, dozens of Hermes scarves and bags, and a Himalayan Crocodile Birkin, costing roughly $150,000.

Her online purchases also included a Dyson vacuum cleaner, because PSA, you don’t want dust damaging your ill-gotten booty.

Following this, Lee allegedly transferred funds into a Commonwealth Bank account, and went on no fewer than 20 luxury shipping trips around Sydney, racking up a further $1.2 million between January and April 2015.

Transactions on these trips included $20,050 at the Chanel store, $6885 at Hermes and $1795 at Christian Louboutin in the space of a day. Several days later, per Fairfax reports, she dropped $42,695 across Bulgari, Christian Dior and Hermes.

After realising their mistake in April 2015, Westpac froze Lee’s account, and ordered her to hand over the goods she’d purchased. Allegedly, just 27 items were returned that month, with a total value of $1 million.

In May 2015, the Supreme Court made an order allowing Westpac to seize further assets, in order to make up the remaining $3.486 million shortfall.

Lee was served with a bankruptcy notice, but missed a court date in September 2015. Probably because she was out somewhere balling too hard. In her absence, the court declared her an unregistered bankrupt.

Earlier this month, Lee was arrested at Sydney airport, attempting to board a flight home to Malaysia. And was subsequently charged with  dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception, and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime.

She faced Waverly Local Court on May 5, and is currently out on bail, living in her boyfriend’s apartment under a court order. It remains to be seen whether the criminal charges will stick, or if she will be forced to pay the money back.

Source: Fairfax.

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