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We work with accountants, solicitors, or advisors and develop action plans for their clients. We understand the difficult circumstances and work to find solutions so that all parties can receive the best outcomes.

We follow a process to ensure all partners have received all the facts and are armed with the best knowledge and resources. This allows for informed decisions to benefit their client requirements. We take a collective approach working together to create smart solutions to achieve the best outcomes.

Tph has alliances with trusted qualified professionals and service providers to enhance our assistance to companies and individuals experiencing financial distress.

We recognise that most businesses and individuals have an existing professional advisers; however few have insolvency practitioners as advisers. We join together with your existing network of accountants, lawyers and financial advisers to formulate and plan a set of creative solutions to achieve the best outcomes.

Alternatively if you do not have a network of trusted advisers tph will link you with one of our preferred partners to provide the insight and expertise so we can achieve the best outcomes.

Let’s Formulate your best solution?

We need to get some details to get you started, All information is kept strictly confidential, (see privacy policy). tph evaluates you and your unique situation in order to craft a series of creative solutions to give you a fresh start.

Timothy Heesh
CEO & Senior Strategy Manager
Restructure, Turnaround & Insolvency

Why work with us?

Aligned with the best resources

Tailored Smart Solutions

tph Difference

A Fresh Start Begins with a Free Consultation with tph Advisory

When a business goes through difficult times it can feel like you are in a boxing match having gone 10 rounds with banks, landlords and creditors.

tph is in your corner giving you all the tools and expert advice to navigate the best outcomes for all parties. Think of tph as the referee guiding you through, ensuring that all parties play by the rules.

Each situation is unique and requires a tailored approach, we understand there are difficult problems that require creative solutions. That’s the tph difference, experienced practitioners with more than 30 years of knowledge in the industry. That’s how you know you are getting the best advice to transition you and your business.