Voluntary Administration

Acting early and taking control can give you greater insight in achieving the best outcomes. Being placed into administration by formal appointments can be a difficult operation. The Corporations Act, ATO regulations and a number of other laws combined with the commercial impacts of placing a company into voluntary administration takes the control away from you and the business. There are many advantages undertaking a formal turnaround when there are no other alternatives to saving a business other than through a formal appointment via voluntary administration.

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Voluntary Administration

The TPH team are qualified, registered and highly experienced Voluntary Administrators offering an extremely efficient and effective program tailored to manage all types of companies and industries.
The unique Voluntary Administration Services that TPH offer include:

  • Consultation and strategy development with directors, senior management and advisers prior to any appointment taking place;
  • Highly competitive hourly fee rates;
  • Fixed fees for many engagements;
  • Working with the directors and staff after appointment;
  • Adopting many of the existing company practices and procedures whilst running the company during the engagement; and
  • Working with management in the formulation of logical and workable Deeds of Company Arrangement.

TPH sees the Voluntary Administration process as a flexible and powerful reconstruction and management process, that when used and implemented in the right situations can produce extraordinary results for financially distressed companies.

Deed Of Company Arragement (DOCA)

TPH offers Deeds of Company Arrangement Services in conjunction with its Voluntary Administration service.

A DOCA is a binding arrangement between a company and its creditors governing how the company’s affairs will be dealt with.

The TPH team are qualified, registered and highly experienced DOCA Administrators offering an extremely efficient and effective program tailored to manage all different types of companies and industries.

The unique DOCA Services that TPH offer include:

  • Strategy development with directors, senior management and advisers to formulate logical, effective DOCAs;
  • Highly competitive hourly rates;
  • Fixed fees in most instances; and
  • Logical engagement with specialist lawyers to assist in preparation of DOCA documentation.
  • Effective and efficient implementation of DOCAs terms and conditions

Voluntary Administration To Liquidation

There are many instances where a Voluntary Administration is commenced with the ultimate aim to place the company in Liquidation. TPH will advise when to use a Voluntary Administration to advance to a DOCA and when to advance to a liquidation.
TPH provides its unique services by:

  • Providing strategic advice as the voluntary administration unfolds;
  • Working with the company to arrive at the best outcomes for the business, its employees, creditors, lenders, shareholders and directors;
  • Transitioning the company from VA to CVL with minimum costs.

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Voluntary Administration

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