Radical Business Restructuring

Restructuring can be the first phase of a business turnaround or can be implemented on it’s own with a view to selling a business for maximum value.

Our Radical Restructuring Program provides a systematic approach that is tailored to your specific situation. Based on criteria which is pre-agreed with our clients, this Program has a 100% success rate.


Subject to your situation, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Quick and radical improvement of your debt position
  • Quick enhancement of profit position
  • Preservation of the hard-won goodwill and other assets in the business
  • Retention of employees and other important stakeholders
  • Preservation of your personal wealth (including important assets like your home)
  • Reducing the chances of personal exposure
  • Peace of mind and less stress


  • 4 Stage Approach. Our program is based on a 3 stage approach with specific work in each stage 
  • Tailored. In the early stages, the program is tailored to your specific situation.
  • 100% Success Rate. The program is logical, practical and  results focused. Our Radical Restructuring Program has provided 100% success for clients based on success criteria pre agreed with the client.
  • Broad Experience. The program is based on our broad experience across restructure, turnaround, insolvency, accounting, governance and marketing.
  • Program Theory. Our Program is based on a combination of our 40 years of experience.
  • Industry Experience. We have had experience in the following industries: retail, wholesale, manufacturing, mining, construction, food, franchises and other product and service industries.
  • Unique Fee Approach. We do everything we can in such difficult times to ensure a win/win, including not charging until a program is agreed and working at agreed rates where needed.

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