Company Debt Negotation & Management

It is increasingly frequent that companies who might have called in the liquidators in the past are now looking to alternative strategies such as debt negotiation and compromise arrangements, repayment plans and deals.

TPH is a specialist in understanding, dealing with and advising on debt negotiation and management issues.

Whether looking at defaults, securities, cash flow or debt compromise, TPH has a deep understanding of the impacts and consequences of debt and its relationship with business health, survival and profitability.

We have negotiated many debt releases and compromises under a variety of circumstances.

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Dealing With Cashflow

TPH’s debt management services are designed to assist SME’s, company directors and owners and individuals with debt issues. Whether it is to strategically plan or to tactically defend a creditor challenge, TPH can lend its expertise to the circumstances and provide workable cost conscious solutions.

If a solvency crisis is looming or if the business has a challenging working capital situation then managing your cashflow often means prioritising or potentially re-negotiating payments to creditors. It also means forecasting for different scenarios.

For any company, expertise in cashflow management might not be present or could be improved. TPH can provide effective services to assist companies professionally manage their cashflows. Understand the absolute “must pay” debts and those that can be stretched.
If you require help or simply a second set of expert eyes to appraise short, medium or long term cashflow projections, TPH can assist.

Alternate Finance And Refinancing

Any review of cashflow and debt structure will always provide alternative finance and refinancing options. Many cashflow problems occur because the terms and conditions of certain financiers and financial institutions do not suit the business for a variety of reasons. Simply matching the right source of finance with the right business can be a significant step in stabilising the business cashflow and debt issues.

We are well connected with many financiers who understand how to structure the most appropriate financial deal.

Creditor’s Debt Mediation

TPH offers creditor mediation or negotiation services. TPH will act on a company’s behalf in negotiating a reduction, a repayment plan for one debt (or several debts) or a more favourable repayment plan.
TPH believes that creditor mediation is an important tool to assist both payers and payees in achieving the best outcome for the least cost and least disruption. This service can be an ideal solution in many instances and should be seriously considered as an option to resolve solvency issues. Negotiating a ‘win-win’ outcome with the creditors will always be a superior outcome to a more formal appointment.
TPH uses a professional approach, applies protocols and together with its broad experience negotiates workable outcomes.