Creditor Services

TPH is qualified and highly experienced in providing specialist creditor services. These services have been developed for both secured and unsecured lenders/creditors. The services include:

  • Court and Official Liquidation appointments;
  • Receivership and Secured Lender appointments;
  • S66G Statutory Property Possession Appointments; and
  • Voluntary Administration or Liquidation  Replacement Appointments

We are a preferred provider for the ATO, Workers Compensation Nominal Insurance and many legal firms in NSW. We will always issue great outcomes and are results orientated. We will provide consents to act without the requirement of an indemnity on most appointments.

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Court Liquidations Or Official Liquidation

TPH will provide its consent to act in these matters in most instances whether  there is knowledge of the company’s affairs or not by the applicant creditor.

TPH has efficient and effective programs and staff to secure good results in this very complex environment.  Our rates reflect the risk involved in these appointments whilst still being highly competitive.

Receiveship And Secure Lender Appointment

TPH has developed effective and cost efficient programs for this highly specialised work. We work closely with the secured lender ensuring we understand their objectives, budget, program, and timing.

TPH understands the legal boundaries necessary to get desired results in this field and recognises the need to meet the lenders objectives.

We have a number of eligible personnel with the qualifications and experience to be appointed as receivers (agents) for secure lenders who are supported by a team of specialists well versed in secured creditor recovery programs.


TPH has been asked to act as trustee in a variety of disputed property matters and has developed efficient and effective programs and procedures to deal with all of the challenges that emerge with this type of appointment.

As the role generally arises from a dispute or the need for an independent person between parties, the s66G trustee needs to adopt programs that will minimise the likelihood of greater hostilities whilst at the same time attending to the usually delicate program of property sale and realisation. TPH has a very experienced team to deal with such variables and has achieved good results for many.

TPH recognises that specialist selling programs are usually called for in these appointments and has established a professional network of property experts from a wide range of property backgrounds to ensure the most effective and logical property realisation program is adopted.

TPH rates are competitive and based on fee estimates provided from the outset of the appointment program.


Creditors are empowered by corporation’s law to elect to replace an existing Voluntary Administrator or Voluntary Liquidator. Unsecured creditors have few real powers but replacement of the chosen Administrator/Liquidator is one of them. It’s often not an easy decision to mount a challenge. However, if the situation arises TPH is prepared to act as the replacement as provided by law. Reasons for replacing an administrator or liquidator include:

  • Creditors may have come across the administrator before and would like to see how another administrator does the job;
  • Creditors just don’t want any administrator chosen by the directors/shareholders as they don’t have any trust in the directors and that generally extends to the choice of administrator;
  • Another administrator may have lower  fee rates; or
  • Creditors may have administrators that they have dealt with in the past with whom they are very comfortable.

TPH respects the choices of companies when they choose their Administrator/Liquidator. TPH will always provide a proper transitional program whilst providing the service at highly competitive in the market.